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4 Ways to Protect Carpet and Hardwood Flooring from Winter

Its no secret that winter can be a rough season for your home, but most homeowners miss something vitally important when protecting their home from winter: the floor! Everyone coming home will bring in snow, ice, slush, dirt, and salt. This can cause damage to your floors both on the surface, and deep down where it becomes a much bigger issue.

Even the most dedicated homeowners often struggle with puddles of water and salt on the floor, so dont feel bad! Weather happens, but there are some ways to help prevent winter from invading your home and damaging your floor.

With that in mind, for protecting your carpets and hardwood flooring, Ann Arbor Carpets recommends:

1. Not one, but TWO doormats!

Having a doormat is a great way to protect your floors from the outside. But, what happens when it snows and your outside doormat gets covered? It becomes almost useless! Thats why its always a good idea to have two doormats, one inside, and one outside. It doubles your homes defense against slush-covered shoes.

2. New Shoe Rules!

Having everyone take off their shoes as soon as they come in is, hands down, the best way to protect your floors. While scraping shoes off on the mat helps get rid of the snow and slush, banning shoes from your living space is much better! If you dont have a mud room, set up a small bench by the door so everyone has a place to sit to take off their shoes (it will help them follow the rules!)

3. New Shoe Rules - Part 2!

Not only should you create a No shoes past the entrancerule, but also a dedicated area to put shoes. Keeping shoes in one spot is good, but having many dripping boots in one spot is bound to cause trouble for your floor. Putting a simple shoe rack on a protective mat by the door will help keep floors AND shoes free from puddles!

4. Clean Up Quick!

Despite all of the previous steps, water and salt are bound to get on your floor one way or another. Leaving water on your floor can lead to all sorts of problems, so be sure to keep towels near the doors so you can soak up as much moisture as possible. Puddles of water, if left too long, can damage your floor. Make sure everyone cleans up after themselves right away!


With these tips, not only will you keep your home looking and feeling fresh and new, but youll be protecting your floors from structural damage. Imagine coming home and having your home finally being dry, clean and safe.

Looking for more?

Hopefully these tips will keep your floors safe from snow and salt this winter! If you have any other questions about carpet or hardwood flooring, Ann Arbor Carpets has the answer. Give us a call! We are experts in every kind of flooring, and have great products for cleaning up messes too! Stop by and get a bottle of Mohawk Floor Cleaner for free.

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