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Ann Arbor Laminate Flooring
Preparing for the Installation of Your New Flooring!

You’ve chosen your new flooring and you’re excited for it to be installed! Do you have questions on how to prepare? Are you worried that the installers will do a poor job and potentially damage your home?

Rest assured that at Ann Arbor Carpets – Flooring America, we aren’t one of those “Big Box” stores that just cares about churning out profits. We truly care about you! That’s why we offer top quality flooring with amazing warranties AND great customer service. In fact, between our sales and installation teams, we’re guessing that all your questions about carpet, vinyl, ceramic, hardwood, and laminate flooring will be answered. We’ve got you covered!

This is a brief guide to let you know what to expect during the installation of your new flooring. There may be other steps that require contractors for additional services such as trimming your doors, removing old vinyl flooring, moving furniture, and so forth.

We’re happy to refer you one of our trusted professionals for assistance. Please don’t hesitate to call 734-769-1710 if you have further questions.

Ann Arbor Carpets

Please be sure to move all your breakables out of the room and entry areas. This includes crystal, porcelain, china, collectibles, fragile antiques, and anything else you’re concerned about.

Temperature and Electricity

Ideally, your home should be a minimum of 65 degrees during the installation. Your electricity should also be on and available if the installers are likely to use power tools during the install.

Wall Hangings, Curtains and Blinds

Please make sure that everything’s at least 36 inches above floor level. If you have floor length drapes or blinds, please tie them back or remove them.

Appliances and Electronics

Some appliances may require special handling, such as connections to gas appliances, icemakers, toilets etc. In addition, stereos, televisions and other electronic equipment should be moved prior to installation.

Removing Old Flooring
Ann Arbor Hardwood Flooring
Ann Arbor Flooring

The process of removing your old flooring may take extra time. Ann Arbor Carpets – Flooring America can provide this service at an hourly rate. This excludes vinyl flooring removal due to potential asbestos. Please call us for a referral to a specialist.

Furniture Moving

Our installers are available to assist you with moving regular furniture during the installation process. Some special items such as aquariums, pianos, grandfather clocks will need to be scheduled in advance. Please note that furniture moving may require an additional charge and items such as pool tables, grand pianos and wood stoves must be handled by professionals and should be moved prior to your flooring installation.

Closets and Storage Areas

The floors of closets and storage areas should be cleared, and any low hanging items need removed.

Door Trim
Ann Arbor Vinyl Flooring

After your new flooring is installed, you may find that your entry door or closet doors need trimmed to allow for the door to swing freely. It is imperative that the door doesn’t rub against your floor - this will prevent extra wear and damage to your new flooring.

Thanks again for purchasing your new flooring from Ann Arbor Carpets – Flooring America! We welcome your feedback on the installation process and we hope you’ll “Like” our Facebook page and post pictures of your new flooring.

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