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Carpet Benefits

If you’re a pet owner you understand how much joy they bring to life. Cats and dogs especially can be calming and are often used as therapy pets.

All of us at Ann Arbor Carpets – Flooring America love our pets, even when they accidentally leave a mess on our carpets!

We’re also proud to be American and we thank our veterans for all the sacrifices they make for our freedom.

That’s why we strongly support Pets for Patriots! Their mission is to make pet ownership achievable and affordable for service men, service women, veterans and their families.

Pets for Patriots doesn’t just drop off a pet to a veteran. They provide ongoing support with discounted veterinary care and money towards food and basic pet supplies. Some pet organizations won’t allow deployable service members the ability to adopt, but Pets for Patriots believes that those folks deserve the love of a companion pet too! The charity also focuses on animals that are two years and older or those that have special needs with the least adoption potential.

The real beauty of this program is that it helps our veterans and also saves the lives of at-risk shelter animals. These two populations give so much to others and ask for little in return. We really can’t think of a better mission!

When you donate, 100% of your contribution will go to Pets for Patriots, a 501(c)(3) charity. Please contact us for more information on how you can support Pets for Patriots or stop by and make a donation at Ann Arbor Carpets – Flooring America

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