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In the mood to change your home’s décor with new carpet? 

Are you looking for ways to make the right choice to match your style, budget, and your way of life?

Many of our customers tell us that we offer the friendliest carpet installation Ann Arborhas to offer.  But you may find that the hardest part of purchasing new carpet is picking out what color and style you want!  Luckily, our helpful sales staff will also guide you to the decision of which carpet will work best for you.  We’ve put together a few questions and topics to consider, because choosing your new carpet should be as easy as picking a new outfit!  In fact, you may actually find inspiration by looking through your closet or around your home.  

Picking a Color

carpet color swatches

What colors are in your favorite outfit? 

Does this outfit make you feel comfortable and beautiful? 

Does it bring out your eyes or hair color? 

Your home should be an extension of your style, taste, and personality.

Will this room showcase a favorite object, like a vase, pillow, or family heirloom? 

  • You could revolve the color scheme of your room around this object.  If you’re starting fresh and also changing the wall color, window treatments and furniture, it may be helpful to purchase a few key items before choosing your carpet’s color! 
  • You can consider your carpet the room’s fifth wall, and either pick a color that blends in with the wall or gives the room “pop” with a different color. 

What is the size of the room the new flooring will be in?

  • A darker colored floor generally makes a room feel more cozy, while a lighter color will make it appear bigger. 

Choosing a Style

What kind of activity will occur in the room? 

  • If it’s a bedroom, you may want to choose a plush pile that is more comfortable to walk on with bare feet.  Be sure to pick a peaceful color that will promote sleep, such as blue or green. If it’s a family room or dining room, you could choose brighter colors or a pattern to hide stains. 

girl dancing on purple carpetWho will spend a lot of time in the room? 

  • If you have pets or children, a more durable or darker color may be a better choice.  
  • If the new carpet will be in a hallway or have more foot traffic, you may want to pick a lower pile carpet, such as a Berber, which will stand up to more crushing.

How long do you anticipate keeping this carpet? 

  • If you plan on staying in your home for twenty or more years, and want the carpet to wear well for at least ten years, you may want to choose a style that is more classic, as opposed to a trendy color or texture. 

Will the carpet be in multiple rooms? 

  • If the rooms have very different color schemes, you may want to choose a multi-colored carpet with a neutral base, with smaller twists of different colors throughout.  The overall look may be a beige or gray, but the added colors will add texture and interest. 

Once you’ve made your choice of new carpet, congratulate yourself … because the hard part is over!  Check out our helpful suggestions on how to best prepare your home for the friendliest carpet installation Ann Arbor has available.  people carrying a roll of carpet

You’ll be thrilled to know that we’ve worked with the same skilled, carpet professionals for years.  When you choose Ann Arbor Carpets – Flooring America, you’ll experience the friendliest carpet installation Ann Arborcan provide. You and your home will receive excellent care. 

Want to show off your new room?  Please upload and share a photo of your new carpet, and let us know how much you love it!